Prediction Markets
On Anything

Participate in global, permission-less, no-limit prediction markets on just about any asset without the high fees.

Prediction Markets Made Easy

Pulse is a no-limit, premissionless, open source prediction market built by traders, for traders, and is backed with features that makes things easy.

AMM Powered Trades

Pulse is powered by an Automated Market Maker ( AMM ), providing the best prices for trades.

Track Your Portfolio

Keep track of your positions through your dashboard. Understand your PNL, see your trades, and track your progress.

Global & Open Markets

Prediction markets on Pulse are open and decentralized. Global markets built for a global userbase.

Market Tracking Tools

Use the tools provided to get a better understanding of the market sentiment and the trades happening through the AMM.

Trustless and Secure

No emails, no passwords, and no private keys. When you sign in with your NEAR wallet, we never gain access to your funds.

More Collateral Options

Create and participate in markets with more collateral choices, from wrapped ETH and BTC, to PULSE tokens,

Prediction Markets Built by Traders

Pulse is built by traders who understand what users want from a prediction market platform.

Intuative User Interface

A UI built solely for predictions and custom tailored to specific market categories.

Trading Made Simple

Taking positions on Pulse is simple. Just select a market and place a trade in a few clicks.

Verified Data Sources

Unlike centralized platforms, Pulse uses decentralized data sources to resolve markets.

Oracle Driven Market Resolutions

Pulse Market are verified by Flux Protocol's Decentralized Oracle, meaning markets always resolve with the correct data.

< 30m market resolution times

Markets on Pulse are resolved quickly, meaning there is no more waiting around for your funds to be unlocked.

How to get started

Getting started with Pulse is easy. All you need is a NEAR wallet and an internet connection. Sign in, browse markets, and participate.


Create a wallet

No email. No passwords. Just bring your own NEAR Protocol wallet and start trading.


Browse markets

Sign into The Pulse DApp and browse markets. Search markets by category or sort by volume.


Start trading

Once you find a market, simply choose a position and start trading. Our AMM will handle the trades, and Flux's Oracle will handle resolutions.

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