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Create and participate in decentralized, permissionless, no-limit prediction markets for any asset or event.

Pulse App

Let's face it, Prediction Markets Are Broken.

Traditional platforms have failed to fix the broken system.

Popular Web2 betting apps have access to your funds, collect your personal data, and have complete control over their walled garden, from who can participate to how much they can wager.

Pulse DAO wants to change betting for the better.

The Pulse DAO is a community of web citizens on a mission to build a decentralized prediction market platform that is transparent, easy to use, and puts power back into the hands of the user.

Pulse is built by traders, for traders.

No corporate gatekeeping or data collection. Pulse is an open source, community maintained DApp built by designers and developers who are passionate about prediction markets.

Keep more of your hard earned money.

Other platforms are plagued by high gas fees and house cuts. Taking advantage of NEAR Protocol, trades on Pulse are instant and cost less than a penny.

Super fast resolutions powered by decentralized oracles.

Pulse takes advantage of Flux Protocol's Decentrazlied Oracle Infrastructure to resolve markets in minutes.

User created markets

Create your own prediction markets on the Near Blockchain. Select a market start date, market options, and a time when trading closes.

Sound cool right ? Get started by exploring the ecosystem.